The Soundtrack to Life Anouncement!!

So for those of you who don't know I started a collection called "The Soundtrack to Life" where we create playlists based on a given theme, so we can share the music we love with each other, the first theme we had was love songs thanks to our friend@aabxo :D our next playlist challenge is going to be breakup songs! Thanks to another friend of ours@nenegrint14 :D I will be posting mine soon and would love to see what your breakup song playlists will be :) it doesn't have to be just Kpop it can be any kind of Asian Pop ^^ Also I'd like to implement a new feature to this, as I'm sure I'll run out of ideas sooner or later for playlists please send me private messages with your playlist ideas and I will credit you for them in the playlist announcement posts :) And you can follow this collection (if you want to that is) so you don't miss anyone's playlists Don't forget to tag me in your card so I can clip it to the collection @MattK95) :) @kpopandkimchi@aabxo@SakuraBlossom96@honeysoo@jiggzy19@danidee@sherrysahar@Cryomorph@christy@chasinghapiness@nenegrint14@Aero2042@Allyphernelia@callmekaren If I forgot to tag anyone please tag them in the comments :) Thanks everyone <3

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