So as I squeeze this lime in my drink you act like your shit don't stink I swear this is the last time I walk out the door while you accuse me of being a whore Last time I let the door hit me where the demon down below split me and I wish I had a swing like that in my back yard god bless you make it hard There once was a time I thought and I'd pray that if it was my screen door I'd slam it every day Time has come and time is gone fukn scared it's my time to move on Enjoy your life I tried to make you the one tried to make you my wife thanks it's been fun Drinking my sorrows now I have no more fight your now my kryptonite BOOM BLAST POW!

Bandido by profession.. Biker by trade.. Lover by choice.. I ride hard to stay hard.. I work hard to play hard... and I live life everday like its my last... my life lessons have been taught and learned the hard way.. decided I must grow up someday but ill def be young forever.. and I am the person my parents warned me about..
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