Prepared to ....Miss you

Han Jungwoo (Male/29 years old) – Homicide Detective- nicknamed Crazy Rabbit“Is it Jungwoo? … Jungwoo-yah! Han Jungwoo!” In order to not forget the voice of yours that had once called for my name, I close my eyes and recollect it everyday. Whenever it rains, I would follow your habit. Counting the raindrop traces “I will meet (you) today, I won’t meet (you) today. When I make that turn, you will be there… Or not” When I madly chase after criminals, would I let you slip by…? Like the day when you watched my back while I walked further and further away from you, would you resent me further…? Suyeon-ah, Lee Suyeon… I want to see you badly today. Before I forget the sound of your voice. Missing a girl like this, it is completely my lone mission. All the suffering started because of me. That’s why I have no right to cry. That’s why for today too, (I) just run like (I) have gone crazy. Homicide detective for 2 years. Also known as crazy rabbit, Han Jungwoo is now 29 years old. Before the memories of (when I was) 15 year old drifts further away, Before the sound of Suyeon’s voice gets forgotten, Suyeon must be found. Therefore, with a happiest and most cheerful manner, living life thick-skinned, is the only source of strength for me to live on. Suyeon-ah! Just like how I searched for you who ran away barefooted in front of me when we were young. Definitely, absolutely, I must find you, and let you appear in front of me. “Found you!” Only then, will the game of hide-and-seek end. Hiding in hope of being found, if no one found (you), and everyone just returned home, You would cry while squatting alone on the ground. That night as a 15 year-old when everything ended. One day, when it became too far to return to our 15 year-old selves, we met again. The day when painful thoughts of the past become memories, can we fall in love again? 29 years old, Suyeon and I. The time between us once again elapsed.

I am a survivor
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