Christmas Yoga Inspiration

What better way to get your kids to calm down around the Christmas tree than to have a family yoga practice! These adorable Christmas-themed moves are actually great poses for meditation (for the adults) and fun (for the kids) - Christmas Tree Similar to the classic mountain pose. Bring it up a level by lifting your left leg to come into a full tree pose. - Snowflake Close to a Triangle pose. Spread your legs farther than hip width and reach one arm down to the floor with one arm up to the sky. - Little Bird A very, very simplified version of the eagle pose. The eagle post would have one leg off the ground (though still crossed over the other leg) and one arm crossed over the other arm in front of you. - Gingerbread Men A much cuter name for the corpse pose! See how long the kids will stay quietly laying on the ground :) - Namaste You know what to do!

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