London's Incredible Cereal Cafe

One day, Gary and Alan Keery were out on the town and needed some lunch. Then something magical happened. Gary says that he and Alan “were just out one day, and we stopped for lunch. And I said, ‘What do you want, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese?’ and so on. And what I wanted was a bowl of cereal, and it was like, a-ha!” This cereal cafe will feature over 60 types of cereal, from all around the world. “Oreo-Os were so hard to track down,” Owner Gary says. “They’re from South Korea, and Boo-Berries are limited edition – they’re only out at Halloween.” And if you’re lactose intolerant, there’s space for you too. They have about 30 different types of milk. From almond milk to oat milk to soy milk! All imported cereal costs the same price as regular cereal; the menu begins with a small bowl of cereal for $4 and goes up to a large bowl for $6. And it comes with milk on the side! They even serve cereal "cocktails" like the Choco-pottamus (Which is: Chocolate Krave, Cocoa Pops, a Chocolate Hippo, and chocolate milk.)

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