Another one of my FAVORITE instrustrumental ensembles.

Ever since Escala auditoned and reached the final on Britian's Got Talent Season 2 in 2008, they have skyrocketed. Their first album was a HUGE worldwide success. They have performed in venues all over the world, spreading their love and passion for the arts. Their take on classical music, with a spin on rock and jazz elements, sets them apart from many string ensembles. I was sad that I didn't watch Britian's Got Talent at the time they became big, but I have still followed their albums and success for a few years now. I absolutely love their unique sound and one-of-a-kind instruments! Check out this video of Palladio, one of their biggest hits, and see if you enjoy them as well!

Hi everyone! My name is Taylore Anne Fowler. I'm currently a Junior studying Music & Technology with a concentration on Theory & Composition. I'm a BIG music fan and listen to any kind of music. I'm always up for listening new artists, bands, and genres. Specifically, I'm really into Music in Movies, because I hope to become a film composer or orchestrator someday. I still have a long way to go - but I know that my passion for music will always be right by my side.
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