Trust is the glue that holds us together It makes us feel safe in the stormy weather You rely and trust on that person or friend But when it's gone you can never amend Trust is the truth that hurts when pretending Open it up to find the circle never ending One lie linked to another in a chain One link breaks but the others still remain Trust is broken and the relationship the same One lie to start but in the end it's just a game How do you begin to get it all back? When the lines are forming and you can see the cracks One litte lie contained in a square box You open the lid and the content shocks Cos there's another one with the lid closed tight Your heart plummets down from a great height The box within a box of lies goes on forever And the cunning fox you feel inside, it's clever Trying to outwit you and trying to hide, Trying to fool your thoughts from the inside The game is played and the damage is done The hurts been caused and the fox has won what he doesn't know is that he's lost it all And the game that was played was for nothin at all Trust is the glue that holds us together, "Break it again and you've lost me forever".....

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