Rooftop Prince Real time recap Ep9 :"Sena Showing her True Color! Yigak Finally Feeling something Towards Bak-ha"

So Yigak hears about Bak-ha being. He goes to her room, She's on her bed. He aks Taemoo to prepare rice porridge for her! POOR TAEMOO, he's the one making it, and he truly cares for her. But he won't get no credits for that. After feeding her the porridge (Yes he took such good care of her ><) Giyak leaves a msg by her bed, asking her to meet him later when she feels better. He wants to surprise her because ITS HER B-DAY! He's out to buy Bak-ha a gift.He's trying to pick the cutest accessory for her, how cute!! But EVIL SENA comes to her room, finds the msg and takes it! Instead of Bak ha, she's the one who shows up at the meeting spot with Yigak! "Were u expecting bak ha? im sorry, she's still sick and can't make it" what an evil B***!! Sena Tells Yigak that she actually LOVES him! What a lier! He's shocked! She knows that he still feels something about her, so takes a chance! But, Bak-ha shows up! Sena, the second she notices her, grabs Yigak and Kisses HIM >< !! Devastated, she just turns back to them and leaves. Yigak has no idea she was there! Sena then tries to take Yigak away on a date at Namsan Tower! Even though she kissed and tried to take him away, yigak, as a gentleman, goes along, BUT! leaves right in front of te cable car LOL Meanwhile,Yigak's followers manage to find Bak-ha, and they keep her compagny. She teaches them basketball hehehe Same time,Yigak runs back to Bak ha after leaving Sena! He finds her with his followers playing basketball! She just acts like she saw nothing! And asks him to join in the game! They form a group of 2, and the one with Yigak looses against Bek ha's!Yigaks pissed off at her, and Taemoo who is super good >< Yigak:"Now that you won, Tell me your wish" He takes his purse Out. Guess what did she wish for? Nothing money can buy, Giving him a PUNCH IN THE STOMACH! Is that for the kiss with Sena? i bet it was LOL

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