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Finding trailers was difficult because they gloss over the more epic and feels-inducing moments in a drama but I tried hard looking for what gives the viewer a better scope of what the dramas have to show, so please don't judge these dramas by what you see or hear because in the end when you watch it, it's only your opinion that matters :) Thanks@christy for creating a different kind of challenge for Hallyu fans on Vingle! 1.Goong ( Princess Hours): My first k-drama guys, can you believe it? It's been so long since than and I've branched out from there c: 2.Boys before flowers: My first encounter with chaebols and a protagonist that broke the female stereotype 3. Dream high: First k-drama that involved cometition and singing (it was here that I discovered IU and fell in love with her and her talents) 4.Big: A weird one in that there's body switching but that's what made the feels even stronger (heads up on the protagonist's killer acting in episode one!) 5.You're the best Lee Soon Shin: IU again in this one except she's the protagonist! Since dream high she truly has grown as an actress which you can see for yourself 6. Sly and Single Again (Cunning Single Lady): Nothing is what it seems at first is all I'm saying! Worth the watch. 7.School 2013: I liked how you got to see everyone's point of view from students and teachers alike and that's what makes it so special, because we see the reality of what we say as students and how it affects teachers and vice versa. 8. You're Beautiful: There was humor, romance, and Park Shin Hye you'll like it. 9. Flower boy next door: Park Shin Hye once again and she does a 360° as compared to her other roles but you get to see a woman believe in things and people like she couldn't before 10. Shut up flower boy band: First all male (kind of) main characters. You get to see "The guys" being just that and how much they change,good and bad, and grow throughout the drama Challenges..... I need better Wifi for them but I've enjoyed them so far. Keep them coming guys c:

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