Etched Snowflake Ornaments

Ever want to try wood carving? You can get your hands-on experience with this snowflake birch ornament project. These also make an adorable handmade holiday gift. It can be hang on trees or used as a gift-wrapping pendant. Supplies: - Etching tool - Birch branch - Bow saw - Drill and small drill bit - Ribbon or natural twine Instructions: 1. Cut the branch into slices, the width of which is your choice. Honestly, the bow saw made it through the branch really easily but if you aren’t up for sawing, look for a friend with a power tool and a willingness to assist you. Real birch does peel a little so use a rag towel to soften the edges. 2. Use a pencil to draw the snowflakes on the cut pieces and then burn away. 3. When the flakes are done, use the drill to make a hole for a ribbon. 4. And finally, add the ribbon or twine to hang, and they are ready for the tree or gift topper. The red ribbon adds a very Christmas-y pop of color, but if you like a really natural tree, twine would keep the palette neutral.

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