how to make cake flour

How to Make Cake Flour Ingredients 1 cup all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons corn starch Instructions Place the one cup of flour into a sifter.Remove two tablespoons of the flour, placing it back into the container.Add in the two tablespoons of the cornstarch to the sifter and sift together.Sift together a second time before using.

How We Started: Regina’s Sweet Temptations is a new business with one mission and one mission only: to be the go-to place for delicious cupcakes and cookies in Bergen County. Baking is my passion – I first learned the art from my Aunt Tally when I was young and then perfected my skills by preparing delicious treats for my three children over the years. I found that I loved seeing the smiles when my friends bit into one of my delicious chocolate chip cookies or admired one of my many creative
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