Lance Stephenson on the Trade Block?

It took only a few months for people to go from "the Stephenson deal is a steal for the Hornets" to "the Hornets need to get rid of Stephenson." This is why I think that Jordan is a bad owner. What made Jordan a great player (perhaps the greatest ever) was his ability to make quick decisions on the court to seal the game. He was able to essentially fix it when the gameplan/system broke down. That was that killer instinct. This is what is killing him as an NBA executive. Rather than building a solid foundation, and a solid plan to incorporate the right pieces for the team, Jordan went and got the best player he could get his hands on. He tried to win the game by making a quick fix. He needs to think like a coach, not a player with a killer instinct. He needs to add the right pieces, not the best player available. I hope after this, he starts to see that... Well, if I were a Hornets fan, I would hope for that lol

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