The King 2 Hearts - Ep 10 - Screenshots Part 4 - What happened to Hang Ah and Jae Shin??

Jae Ha invited Si Kyung to have a drink together and said "Let's be friends." He who still cares for Hang Ah asked opinion from Si Kyung about what to do with Hang Ah. Jae Shin who went back from hospital was followed by a car. While avoiding the car, they got into a small accident. But that accident was planned by evil guy! I guess they will try to kidnap or hurt her again. But she is paralyzed now. I wonder how she will escape, and what will happen in next episode…? Meanwhile in North Korea, Hang Ah told her dad that her stomach hurt because of her period, but it wasn't! It was a miscarriage! Jae Ha's child! OH NO!! Read my screenshots and recap for next episodes at Ep 11 Preview:

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