DIY Camera Strap


If you have friends that are into photography this homemade gift will make them smile! Plus, it's one of a kind. I own a digital camera myself and it comes with a black strap. In my opinion, it's not too attractive. In other words, your friend would appreciate this gift. Supplies: • 2 yds cotton webbing (we used 1 1/2 inch natural cotton) • masking tape • acrylic craft paint • 2 swivel hooks (found in the jewelry or with purse handle section of most craft stores) • fabric glue • needle and thread • metallic leather or vinyl (optional) Instructions: 1. Measure out the desired length of your strap and add 2 inches. 2. On a work surface use tape to create a geometric design taking care to make sure tape is fully adhered to the webbing. 3. Now the fun part, apply paint to webbing. Be sure paint is dry before attempting to remove tape. Watching paint dry is a skill that takes practice. 4. Now that your strap is looking amazing, slide the ends through the swivel hook giving yourself about an inch of strapping on the reverse side and glue. Be sure to give the hook a little bit of space to move when gluing. 5. Add a few stitches to the glued area for good measure! Tips: If it's for a heavy DSLR you may want to choose a wider strapping than what you can fit through the hardware of the swivel hook.

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