Essential Oils for Winter Aromatherapy

Incorporating essential oils into your daily routine can help keep your immune system stronger, speed up your recovery time from illness and uplift your spirits when the winter blues strike, helping to energize you during the cold winter months! Blend 1: 3 drops Orange 2 drops Grapefruit Blend 2: 4 drops Orange 1 drop Ylang Ylang Blend 3: 3 drops Orange 2 drops Ginger Blend 4: 3 drops Grapefruit 2 drops Cypress Blend 5: 3 drops Bergamot 2 drops Clary Sage You can pick up these essential oils at health stores or online (though I so suggest making sure you like the smell of the oil in person first before purchasing anything!) How to use them: Warm Baths This is helpful for chills or when you just feel cold to the bone. Make sure to dilute the essential oils in an emulsifying carrier (e.g., vegetable oil, base oil or even milk) before adding them to the bath! Balms, Body Butters and Body Oils These can provide protection against the cold, wind and terrible winter weather, and they’ll help keep your skin moisturized :) Vaporization Oils can be used to fragrance a room, disinfect colds and brighten your mood. Inhalation This can be very effective to help clear the head and nose by adding 4-6 drops of essential oil to a bowl of steaming water and letting the steam do its work.

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