Christmas Trees by Robert Frost

This reading by the late Alan Drake Davis is one of my favorites, of one of my favorite holiday poems. This poem was written as a circular Christmas letter that Frost sent to his friends in 1920. It tells the tale of how he was offered a paltry sum for a field of fir trees. This wasn't the only holiday greetings letter issued by Frost during his lifetime; it's one of many! This tradition began somewhat accidentally: an employee at a press agency working with Frost's poems printed some copies for friends and family as a winter season greeting, and when Frost found out, he requested copies for his family as well. The first year, only about 250; the last year had over 16,000 copies. Still, these are very rare cards now! The full list, in chronological order: Christmas Trees Neither Out Far Nor In Deep Everybody's Sanity To a Young Wretch Triple Plate Our Hold on the Planet An Unstamped Letter in Our Rural Letter Box On Making Certain Anything Has Happened, One Step Backward Taken Closed for Good On a Tree Fallen Across the Road to Hear Us Talk Doom to Bloom A Cabin in the Clearing Does No One but Me at All Ever Feel This Way in the Least One More Brevity From a Milkweed Pod Some Science Fiction Kitty Hawk My Objection to Being Stepped On Away A-Wishing Well Accidentally on Purpose The Woodpile The Prophets Really Prophesy as Mystics, the Commentators Merely by Statistics The Constant Symbol

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