How to Be an Excellent Host?

Planning party can be fun and stressful at the same time. Here's what you need to know to keep a memorable affair while enjoying your time. 1. Confirm with guests Call or e-mail guest who have not RSVP to confirm if they plan on attending and also follow up with guest who plan to bring a dish. 2. Decorate Early The weekend or 4 days before the party you can start decorating the interior. From experience, it's better to assemble everything before hand to save time for preparing food. You can add the floral pieces when you purchase your perishables. 3. Restock utensils A couple days before the party make sure you have serving pieces in stock! Don't wait for the last minute to grab everything. 3. Food Prep Overnight Place frozen food in the refrigerator to defrost overnight. Make sure you purchase the perishables, such as salad greens, fresh bread...etc. Then assemble any foods that can be made in advance. If you wash and prepare veggies make sure to keep them wrapped in a paper towel. Refrigerate all separately, in airtight containers. 4. Group photos Before everyone leaves document the moment in photographs! You can share the memories through social media, email or prints. 5. Take home boxes If you don't want to have leftovers be prepare to provide take home boxes or containers for your guest. I found this DIY on Vingle you may find useful:

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