FINALLY! Orphan Black Season 3 Trailer!

OH MY WORD, guys. I can't even begin to express my excitement upon seeing that the trailer for the next season of Orphan Black has been released. I know lots of people are marathon-watching the first two seasons since the word has been getting out about how ABSOLUTELY AWESOME this BBC series is, so I won't risk any spoilers with speculations about what comes next. There are so many crazy twists and reveals that it's almost impossible to discuss without giving it away - but that's what makes it so riveting! I"ve had some serious withdrawal since I finished watching the first two seasons a few months ago. Seriously... if you haven't watched it yet, DO IT NOW. And if you have and you haven't seen the trailer - CLICK ABOVE NOW. I just don't know how I'm going to wait until April 18 for the release. Who will we see next season? What new perils await us? How much more awesome can actress Tatiana Maslany get? Is her talent and versatility infinite? Let's watch next season and find out!

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