How To Win Your Child's Heart

There's a lot of parenting advice out there - some of which I've already shared with you here. But as the author of an article I just read points out, something that's even harder to address than bedtime rituals or a balanced diet is how to win your child's heart. It's something we all really want, but it's so abstract and vague that sometimes it seems impossible to figure out ways to do it. Maybe it's just supposed to happen naturally? For those of us who like to have a plan to help us figure it out - Alison from the Pint Sized Treasures blog has some great tips. And she's got six little pint sized treasures - so she's had a chance to figure some things out! Here are some condensed versions of her tips (the full article is linked): - Interaction. Whatever your kids enjoy, learn to enjoy it with them! - Traditions. Starting family traditions with your kids will keep you close-knit. Try to stick with your traditions and be prepared for some amazing memories. - Sacrifice. It is going to take time out of your schedule, money out of your pocket and you saying “no” to some favorite activities in order to invest in your child’s life and win his heart. Choosing to be at your child’s soccer game instead of a girl’s night out will speak volumes to your child. Choosing to spend your money you saved up for a new living room set on one of your child’s dreams, will be well worth the investment. Things can wait. You only get to raise your kid once. - Praise. Are you always criticizing your child to others? Even if it is only your parents or best friends, your kids still hear this negativity. You are only hurting your relationship with them, and you will only push them farther away. When other moms are spilling the beans about their kids misbehavior, don’t chime in. If you do have to correct your child, do so in private. On the other hand, praise publicly! Never shy away from thanking and praising your child. Your child desires someone to love and cherish them—be the one who fills that desire! What are some ways your parents won your heart, or things you do to win your own child's heart?

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