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1) Virality is not something that is decided once the product is finished. It is dependent on the virality loop that is embedded into the very nature of the product. 2) virality loop is the process in which people go from using your product to referring a friend to having the new friend use the product 3) shortening the virality time can be much more important than simply increasing your virality factor, i.e. K factor. --> example is Youtube vs Tabblo 4) sustainable viral factor rates: .15 to .25 is good, .4 is great, and .7 is outstanding 5) when viral factor is less than one, it can be interpreted as 1/(1-v), where the new factor acts as an amplifier 6) non-viral channels, such as Press releases are crucial bc there are very few, if any companies, with K factor over 1 7) rate of loss users needs to be taken into account when creating graphs of how service will viral. Real virality rate will be based more on U= a*g/l = g/(l*(1-v)) 8) assuming that virality rates stay the same after each cycle is wrong. people who are referred will most likely have a different virality rate from original invitors 9) virality rate of average user changes over time bc they run out of people to invite

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