Equal rights? How about equal burden?

Equal rights and equal opportunity, are noble and just ideas. Of course they have to be understood and implemented in a careful way because people are in fact all different, not all equal, but still, we must strive to eliminate all a-priori discriminations and segregations. And yet in spite of much progress made in this sense, in spite of Apartheid in South Africa being history and of segregation laws in the southern states of the US long gone, we see that real equality does not come about, or at least not as fast as we would wish and expect. So what is still missing? Maybe it is a stronger demand from everybody to take their fair share in our collective burden? If you were the kid that no one wanted on their team when you were playing soccer in gym classes, you can probably understand what I mean ( If you weren't, remember how much you were afraid that you might be...). In spite of how comfortable it was to sit on the bench and watch the others play, you'd wish the teacher would insist that you will play. Maybe even make a candid effort to help you improve and be at least reasonably useful for the team. Insisting that everybody will give, and not just get, their fair share, is important for everybody. It is fair not just for those who give more but also for those who give less but pay a much heavier toll by becoming segregated. If we just give up on certain populations, we send them the message that we don't want them in our team. This is as discriminating as it would be to deprive them of their rights. Maybe even worse

God gave me a pen and asked me what do I want to write. I am still writing the answer.
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