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Who would've thought that Mancasan and Ngrombo, two small villages in Baki district, Sukoharjo regency in Central Java, have been home to acoustic guitar manufacturers since 1975. Just a 10-minute drive from the southern part of the Solo Baru area in Sukoharjo, these production centers are located in rural surroundings, but their products are highly recognized and have been long marketed to various regions in the country. - See more at: Initially, in 1975, there were only a handful of home industries in the two villages, but now there are more than 100 guitar craftsmen in the area. History has it that several locals learned how to make guitars from a keroncong (Portuguese-tinged pop) artist from Dawung village in Serengan district, Surakarta named Arjo Parno. When they became adept, these locals then went back to their villages and began producing and selling guitars themselves. Afterward, guitar-making skills were passed down from generation to generation. According to buyers, these villages' guitar products are known to be affordable yet of high quality. The guitars are considered to be so cheap that people used to call them “gitar sayur” (vegetable guitar). At most markets, these guitars are offered at a starting price of Rp 100,000 (US$8.2) -- sometimes even cheaper -- to Rp 500,000. The gitar-sayur type is the cheapest since it is made of cheap wood; usually plywood and young mahogany. As for the medium-and high-quality products, Mancasan craftsmen usually use better quality mahogany and imported maple or teak londoh. There is a strong sense of camaraderie among craftsmen. Instead of competing with each other, most of the craftsmen choose to work together. Thus, one can find a home industry that specializes in making the guitar bodies, another that makes guitar necks and one that assembles all the parts. A trip to Mancasan and Ngrombo villages is definitely worth it. Other than picking up a quality guitar at an affordable price, you can also learn first-hand how they are made. - See more at:

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