(20-04-12) How I Met BIGBANG >o<: PArt 1

So, thanks to the news posted this morning on vingle, saying that BIGBANG are shooting in the heart of Seoul, i managed to be there at the right time! I arrived right after the shooting was done, and they headed for lunch! I DECIDED to go for it and just FOLLOW THEM! The restaurant they went to was around SBS, the one in Mok-dong area! When arrived they were already there i assumed, Until i CAUGHT SEUNGRI >o< All the boyz were in the VIP room, and The rest of the staff at the other room right facing it..THAT'S where I was too Hehehe I was basically facing the staff, and trying to get a photo everytime the door opened of the vip room right in front of my eyes >o< I must tell you, their staff is the kindest ever! They kept telling me not to take many in the most mannered way! Unless some other bands' staff *cough cough* I waited for an hour there, until they got done eating, so i could get full photos of them.. Part 2. (Now on the making as the Proper photos taken with my camera are taking some time to get done, stay tuned -O^)

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