You Can Feed Your Pet from Work with Pintofeed

My family had a house dog when I was growing up, so I've wanting to get a dog for a while. But now that I am an adult (bleh), I have other responsibilities such as work that I have to deal with. Well, if you are a dog owner, now there is one less thing that you have to worry about - feeding your dog. This new gadget, Pintofeed, will allow you to dispense any amount of food...remotely with your phone. This brings up one of the interesting debate that I had with my friend the other day. One of the reasons why I didn't get a dog while working in the city was my long work hours. My friend's view was that it's fine to have a dog as long as you are able to meet the dog's basic needs - have a place to pee inside, food, water, toys, occasional exercise, etc. I didn't agree because even if those needs are met, the dogs aren't that much better off because they are social animals (i.e., need time to hang with the owner). Pintofeed is pretty cool, but I am not sure if this gadget solves the main issue (long work hours) that I had. Is it okay to play with your dog waiting for your 23 hours a day? Tough to say.

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