Tea Wisdom: Promote What You Love!

I was just settling down to a nice cup of tea when I noticed a quote at the end of the tea bag: "Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate." This anonymous statement really made me stop and think, especially because of how much hatred you can find these days in online forums and communities. Anonymity unfortunately makes some people unleash incredible amounts of venom and even horrible threats. I believe a main thing many of us enjoy about Vingle is that it's based soundly on uniting to promote what you love, rather than mobbing around bashing what you hate. What's really the point of spewing hate? I'm talking more than friendly banter over sports teams - I mean outright bashing and demeaning things other people love or create. Does it make you feel good, other than maybe a short-lived rush? Does it forge meaningful relationships? Does it create something beautiful, cool or amazing? Does it inspire others to create more beautiful, cool, amazing things for you to enjoy? Let's apply this to relationships as well. What if we spent more time promoting the things we love in others, to their face and when talking about them to others, instead of bashing the things we dislike about them? Imagine how much more positive we would feel about ourselves, about other people, and about our relationships? This coming year, let's try to spend less time on hate, and more time on promoting what we love!

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