The Shy Artist's Guide To Surviving Your First Nude Drawing Class

If you are going to school for anything in the fine art or design field - including graphic design, fashion design, even game and web design, you will inevitably be required to attend a number of studio art classes that not only sharpen your imagination but your observational drawing skill. Among these classes is the life drawing class, which utilizes a variety of nude models to help students learn about anatomy, human kinetics, and proper proportion. Working with nude models might be a bit uncomfortable to some, but it really does not have to be. Here are some tips to get you through your first life drawing class! 1. Art school is your first foray into the world of art as a profession, so keep the fact that you're a professional artist in mind. As a professional artist, you must show that you can work in a wide variety of situations, and being able to sit through a nude drawing session without making the model or those around you uncomfortable shows a maturity level that will only be beneficial to you during your academic experience. 2. Examine the way that the light is hitting the model and the pose that the model has taken. Generally, your professor is probably allowing you the opportunity to draw that model from a number of angles, so if you're not ready to draw certain body parts (cough cough), you could probably move to sit and observe from an angle where that area is sufficiently covered. However, keep in mind that this should be a fairly quick repositioning as to not distract the other students or take up the time you could be sketching. 3. If you're still feeling a bit uncomfortable, I would suggest listening to some music while you draw. Most professors in the studio art classes I've attended tend to turn on Pandora or play some sort of jazz as everyone draws, but if the syllabus allows you to wear headphones while you draw, that is a good option too. Whatever helps you get into your groove. 4. Take in the model's form as strictly just another human form. Remember that the entire point of life drawing is to study the proportions of the body and the way light works with the tone and shape of anatomy. Keep in mind the objective of your assignment! I know this is probably a really silly card to some of you, but I hope that if for whatever reason you are the Vingle artist that has a little anxiety when it comes to working with nude models, this advice could be of some assistance to you if and when you finally start that life drawing class. Happy drawing! (Well, not too happy. Because that naked person in front of you might get heavily weirded out by your enthusiasm.)

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