Ouran High School Host Club

OMG!!! You know as I was on this web (quizzila-teenick.com) I came across this name (the title it's based about) and I went on to read the Manga or the Japanese comic of it. I found it funny and a bit similar to BOF (BOYS OVER FLOWERS). It then led to me wanting to watch the Drama, which is by the way in Japanese. And guess what!?! NICKHYUN from 2PM is in it, lolz :D This manga (and starting the drama now) is really growing on me :) lolz, though hope the manga is just as good :) p.s they have twins... But not dudes with curly hair, ahahahaha, i think? BTW: [It is about a girl who goes to an elite school (she's poor) and finds that it is about 6 guys who attend it and like hosts girls, but because she had broke a vase she had to pay her debt and became a host too lolz :D] (She's also often mistaken to be a guy, but the host club finds out and nobody else)

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