Heartbeat Love 再一次心跳 ep 1 Eng Sub

Both Show and Rainie both head to Australia - Show gets abandoned by his friends, Rainie goes there for a holiday! Show gets tricked by his friends (check out his beautiful drag picture) and ends up having to share a room with Rainie. She can't get a new room cos she doesnt want to use her credit card (although she has a PLATINUM card) becos she doesnt want to be located by her family - looks like she is a rich man';s daughter! Show opens up his luggage and finds out his luggage got mixed up with a gay person's luggage! Rainie realises he is gay and hends agrees to stay with him. The two start to tour Australia together, Rainie starts to get close to Show Luo and even asks him "What kind of guy do you like? The MUSCULAR kind? or what? Show Luo just says evasively "I like... the A Type." kekeke best scene is at THE END! Rainie drops her towel and Show gets to see her naked!!!!! wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! ps if you want to get more eng subs, pls let me know by leaving comments and LIKES! if enough people want this, then I'll continue to do more. Pls let me know! Ep 2 here: http://www.vingle.net/posts/6542 I LOVE THIS SHOWWW

I love trying new make-up and beauty products, and I'm currently hooked on Korean dramas. Love their gorgeous fashion, beautiful actors and actresses, and the funny storylines!
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