Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Headphones

I've posted a few technology related cards lately, so I thought I would keep the momentum going! Here is a pair of headphones that I really like. It's called Bluebuds X. I like it because it's small and light to wear. It's water proof (important for working out). It does stick out slightly from your ears, so it looks somewhat "futuristic." It doesn't bother me, but I bet that wouldn't work for some people. The price - the biggest drawback - is on the higher side at $150. What was the most surprising to me is that I am getting more use out of the headphones outside of the gym. I am currently traveling at the moment, and this thing is amazing to use at the airport and in crowded subways (don't have to worry about this thing getting pulled from your ears). 6 months later, I am still pretty happy with the purchase. Let us know if you have any other cool headphones that you recommend!

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