Adorable Habits of Real-Life Couples

I just came across this adorable list of 24 real-life habits of actual couples, and there were definitely a lot of "Awww" moments! I picked out my top 10 favorites to share with you all :) 1. Towel Love - Make their towel into a heart while they're in the shower - (My absolutely favorite) “I like to steal her towel and put it in the dryer. Then when I hear her shut off the water I know I have about thirty seconds befor she opens the shower door cuz she has little wiping her face off and pushing her hair I back routine. So I open the door and wrapper in the hot towel, kiss her cheek while her eyes are still shut and walk away.” (There's nothing better than a warm towel when you get out of the shower!) 2. Early to wake (I don't know if I could handle this - but it's very sweet!) “My significant other gets up around 5:30 every morning. Instead of staying in bed, I wake up make coffee for him before he hops in the shower. I get everything ready the night before even the cups with sugar and creamer and just hit the brew button when I jump out of bed, then we have coffee and breakfast together when he’s out of the shower. Seems like a small thing but it gives us 5 extra hours together a week and it’s some of the best moments of my day.” 3. List what they like and give them random presents from the list.“I get him these things from time to time – most recent was ‘mini cadbury eggs’ because he said it was his favorite Easter candy. I want him to know that I’m always thinking about him. I’m not so much a words person, but more of an actions person.” 4. "Igloo time" (This one is super cute. It definitely brings out your inner child!) “For five minutes a day we huddle under a blanket, pretend we’re in an igloo, and discuss our high and low for that day. I don’t know why we make like it’s an igloo. There was probably a reason for it when we first started the practice and we’ve both forgotten about it by now.” 5. Instead of waiting to splurge, buy smaller gifts “One of the best stories my mom told me about my grandparents. They had 12 kids on one, maybe one and a half salaries sometimes, so money was always tight. My Papa would work, Nana would stay home with the kids, but balance the checkbook and pay the bills. She’d give him an allowance every week for lunch, gas, and whatever little thing. He’d save as much of the remainder as he could and every few weeks to a month, he’d buy her a teacup and saucer from a china shop. He’d usually want to buy her the entire tea set, because she loved that sort of thing, but they’d end up selling the other pieces and he’d have to get a mismatching set. So now she has a ton of beautiful china that she adores, and none of it matches but it makes it better that way because it was more than just laying down a checkbook, it was the thought of him counting his pennies and nickels for weeks just to do something nice.” (I love this idea!) 6. Leave notes (I do this sometimes - but this makes me want to do it more often!) “We have very different work schedules and he leaves for work before I even wake up, so every night I write him a note (a funny story or joke, thanking him for something he did earlier that day, etc.) and leave it by the coffeepot for him to read so it’s kind of like we get to ‘talk’ in the morning. In return, he makes coffee and opens all of the curtains so I can wake up to fresh coffee and natural sunlight.” 7. Sweet little sacrifices (It's really the little things, isn't it?) “We keep a book of Sudoku puzzles in the bathroom. I only do the puzzles on the left, even though we’re both right-handed.” 8. Chill out together (This we definitely do together, often) “There’s a lot of advice out there about doing insane activities together, but sometimes we ALL like to kick back, take off our shoes, and zone out to TV. So, we have shows we watch together on Netflix, and we’re not allowed to cheat and watch ahead. If we skip ahead, we buy the other person a candy bar or some beer. It all works out. I think it’s great watching a show with your loved one because the topics that come up in the show can be fodder for conversation down the line.” 9. Last bite “I always give my significant other the last bite of anything we’re sharing. Especially dessert. No matter how amazingly delicious…I insist.” (My partner always gives me the last bite! It's the best!) 10. Do what needs to be done (So underestimated - it's not romance, but it makes me even more happy than flowers!) “I make the bed every single day. I’ve never really cared about whether the bed was made because you just sleep in it right? My wife told me early in our relationship how much she liked to get into a made bed at night and that she thinks it makes the room look neater, but I didn’t take much notice and just kind of kept leaving it messy. One day I made it on a whim and when she came home from work it meant way more to her than I had realized. She had had a bad day and just that little gesture made her cry happy tears. I started making the bed every day and it’s such a small thing but she’s told me a few times how much it means to her!” See more of the cute couple habits by following the attached link. Do you have some cute couple habits of your own?

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