My favorite OST

Tagged by@cassandratomas7 to do my favorite OST. I didn't realize how hard it would be to confine it into one card XD Some songs are from the same drama. 1. [My Love From Another Star] Sung Si Kyung-Every Moment Of You 2. [Full House] Oon Myung-Why 3. [It's Okay That's Love] Yoon Mirae-I Love You 4. [It's Okay That's Love] MC The Max-U 5. [Shut Up Flower Boy Band] Sung Joon (Eye Candy)-Jaywalking 6. [Shut Up Flower Boy Band] L/Kim Yerim-Love U Like U 7. [Heartstrings] Jung Yong Hwa-You've Fallen For Me 8. [My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox] Lee Sun Hee-Fox Rain 9. [Master's Sun] Hyorin-Crazy Of You 10. [Boys Over Flowers] SS501-Making A Lover

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