Kpop of 2014 Challenge: Spooky Edition

I'm back with part 2 of my Kpop of 2014 Challenge! This time, I will be showing my 4 favorite "spooky" concepts from 2014. 2013 was big on supernatural concepts, but 2014 had its fair share as well! Here they are: 1. LYn and Leo - Blossom Tears Because who doesn't love a tall handsome Korean boy serenading you, making you a dress, and then..well...just watch the MV. The song itself is really beautiful but Leo was WAY too convincing as a psycho in the video. 2. Block B - Jackpot Maybe this wasn't supposed to be 'spooky' but come on, those clowns are terrifying! (Not to mention P.O's hair lol) 3. VIXX - Error Hongbin did an awesome job acting in this video, even if I'm not 100% sure I understood the story line... VIXX looked hella freaky dressed as cyborgs but this was one of my favorite concepts of all of 2014! 4. Boyfriend - Witch I seriously considered putting this in my choreography edition of my 2014 Kpop challenge ( because I think their use of curtains in this video is absolutely genius! They totally pull of this creepy vampire concept!

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