Dreaming in Silence

The winds are howling wild,  Further into a cold night. The barren roads do hide Our stories, far out of sight. Somewhere across that hall A dim light,still shines, Through those old curtains,  Behind your hollow walls.  But the bricks of my fortress Yet breach..  Under the seige.. Of your fading blush. I entangled myself, In your grotesque beauty.  Never knowing, I was just Dreaming in silence.. Cradled in your eyes.. Drifting away, drifting far.. Into the isolation, Of your abandoned dreams. I shivered ever so slight And it wasn't the cold. It was the chill  ..of your swooning breathe Whispering lies.. Humming lullabies.. And I will float into an ocean Of pearls and rubies.. Sinking deep.. Dimming out the daylight. And then, I shall sleep In your skeletal arms, My undying love.. In the oblivion of our watery graves. Never awake.. And we'll dream in silence.. Into a darkness, Dreamless.. © Debanka Chanda

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