Top 3 finalists are: 1) Lee Ha Yi 2) Park Ji Min 3) Baek Ah Yeon The April 22nd live broadcast of ‘K-Pop Star’ has the Top 3 finalists set for a collaboration stage with top artists under the three agencies (YG, JYP, SM): Park Ji Min with GD&TOP, Lee Ha Yi with miss A, and Baek Ah Yeon with Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and Tiffany. Please keep reloading this page I will update every few minutes to give you live RECAP!!! The 3 girls were invited to join a popular music programme in Korea and they are showing the behind the scenes. The 3 of them are so excited and nervous! They sing their favourite songs, Lee Ha Yi's "Mercy" gets the whole crowd clapping along... fantastic! LEE HA YI is first up! She sings a song called "U-Go-Girl". She is getting prettier and prettier too, she's wearing a white sparkly outfit with brown boots, sexy! The judges are all smiling, BOA especially is enjoying the song, Lee Ha Yi is scatting too - her specialty! Time for the judges.. YJ GIVES HER 99 POINTS!!!!! amazing! Boa congratulates her too and tells how much she has grown and gives her... 99 as well! next is JYP who says her performance is very dependant on her songchoice and gives her ... 92 points. Overall a really strong performance for Ha Yi, her mom is practically in tears PARK JI MIN is next. They interview her and she talks about the strong friendships she has made on the show... she starts crying too... Wonderful that the contestants are all becoming such good friends! She comes out in a white angelic dress, singing "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban. I love it when she sings songs like this! Oh no, as she sings the song she can't control her emotions and her voice trembles a bit. But the song is still beautiful. The judges are talking now and Boa breaks down repeatedly as she tries to talk... she is so moved that she can't speak.................. oh no.... but BOA gives her 99 points!!!!!!! oh gosh this is too exciting, Park Ji Min cant stop tearing... JYP is talking now and he talks about how he too is so moved by her song and her sincerity, and he says he understands how stressful the competition must be, and he loves how she treasures her friendships with the other contestants. He gives her a score of 92! wow exactly the same as Lee Ha Yi! YJ is the deciding factor.... and he gives her 97! this is really close wowwww last, it's BAEK AH YEON! she starts off sitting at the grand piano, i love it when she plays the piano! she sings a Korean song called "Chal Mot Haet Ot", it's a mid-tempo song and she starts off slow, ballad-style before getting off the piano midway to stand in the middle of the stage and really sing to the audience! JYP starts off with scores and gives her 91. Pretty good scores usually, but this time her competition is really stiff! BoA is next and praises her for her poise, and gives her 95! hmmmm next is SM, he talks about how versatile she is, and gives her... 90 points. wow. I wonder what will happen.... I took some videos of the semi-finalists and I'll try to post them here on Vingle, please follow me if you want more KPOP STAR!!! haha even 2ne1 are there to support KPOP Star, and they have made special cards to support the semifinalists tooo haha I'm watching the special performances now, it's brillian!!! park ji min is singing with BIG BANG now!!! LUCKY GIRL. Baek ah Yeon also sang with SNSD's TaeYeon and Tiffany, but I think... they didnt let Baek Ah Yeon show off her singing skills, most of the time it was the SNSD girls, I think baek ah yeon's voice is actually better! Lee Ha Yi also did a song with Miss A and she did complicated dance moves too the whole crowd was clapping her moves were sexy but Lee Ha Yi always looks quite cute! RESULTS COMING OUT NOWWWW..... Park Ji Min is.................. SAFE!!!! and the next person eliminated is.... BAEK AH YEON. wow she is so strong, she doesnt even cry, she just says thank you to her parents. oh nooooo i am sad I really liked Baek Ah Yeon...... Those who like this please leave comments and let me know if u want me to keep doing recaps for next week! and 'LIKE' if you like this! :) <3 KPOPSTAR ==================================== Top 3 contestants performances: Lee Ha Yi Park Ji MIn Baek Ah Yeon FINALS live recap here!

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