How to Save Chapped Lips

It's officially winter and that means cold dry air ready to wreck havoc on your skin. Our lips are the most sensitive to this harsh weather and often need more than just chapstick or lip balm to keep them safe. Here are a few simple steps to take in order to keep your lips moist and healthy this winter! Drink Up One of the main causes of chapped lips is dehydration. When your lips become dry, they’re actually telling you that they’re thirsty! Scrub It Out Exfoliating your lips every once in a while is a great way to remove dry, dead skin. If an exfoliating scrub isn't your style, try rubbing your lips with a warm wash cloth then applying lip balm right afterwards. Don’t Lick Your Lips When your lips are dry, sometimes the first instinct is to moisturize them the fastest way you can. Now, licking your chapped lips may offer temporary relief, but it’s actually the worst thing you can do. Your saliva will dry out your lips all over again, causing them to become even more painful and chapped! Make good use of that lip balm! Eat Your Vegetables According to Healthline, if your body is too acidic it can cause chapped lips. Eating fruits and veggies will restore your body’s PH to a proper level. A great way to get all of your fruits and veggies right off the bat is to make a smoothie every morning. Fill it with greens and the fruit of your choice and blend away. And here’s one more bonus tip: If you have chapped lips, avoid spicy and salty foods. They can irritate your lips and cause inflammation, which will delay the healing process.

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