Island (Part 1)

The cold breeze of the wind on my face, the smell of the sea; how long has it been since the last time I tasted this smell I open my eyes slowly. I cannot move, rather very difficult to move around. I am in a very heavy outfit. Has a wig on my head, a beard on my face. The weather is so hot that I want to get rid of everything. I am in a forest, but how did I come here? I cannot remember. Why am I wearing a Santa Claus outfit? Last thing I remember was lying and reading a book at home. Later, what had happened and I came here? My throat is so dry that hurting while breathing, I cannot swallow. I have to find water. I'm walking towards the sea smell. I wish there is an open market and I can ask for help. As long as I keep going in the forest, I recognize that there is no sign of any human being around. If I came here with someone and they have forgotten me here, at least they should left a mark. (I think so because, they forgot me on the ferry before, and I had travelled between Asia and Europe for six hours in Istanbul. This is why my situation is not so strange for me now. I just need some more time to remember where am I and what has happened.) There are no footprints or a width for a car to pass. Finally I manage to reach the beach. When I come out of the last trees, my breath was cut short. I do not know just how much time I had still there. When I came to myself, I wonder if I am living it right now or being affected by a psychedelic drug. In every direction that my eyes can see, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of islands in almost same size. And probably, I am at one of these islands, too. As if someone had planted these islands here as fish farms. But nothing seems artificial. As if they occur in a natural way. Okay, but how did I get here? I see a small shed on the right side at the junction of the beach and the trees. I am running, running without thinking anything, running like running to my mom. When I get closed, I realize that it is actually a very old caravan. Without questioning how it came here, opening the door and going inside. A slight cloud of dust leaves from under the door. Everything is tidy, but dusty. I open the refrigerator immediately. Does not work of course, but stand a few cans and two glass bottles of water. I open and quaff one bottle of water. While the water is moving towards my stomach by filling all the fractures in my throat, I remember how the tequila burned my throat when I sloshed down the bottle last night. We were in an extraordinary party in the city center, once again. I do not remember with whom, when and how I went. But, that’s a good sign. Soon, I will remember everything and will be ashamed of myself. But, I guess, this time I have a much better story to tell. I am looking for the manufacture date and location on the bottle after finishing the water. However, writings on the bottle do not mean anything. They are not written in Latin, Russian, Chinese or Arabic. There are also no numbers on the bottle. I think that one of the tourists coming here has brought from the hotel. Calmly I begin researching the caravan. I am looking at all individual drawer and closet, but cannot find anything useful. Only thing I understand is this place is out of use for a long time. I am going out of the caravan and looking around. No plate or no brand of caravan. I've never seen such a caravan model. I think Americans; they always use such different things. I'm walking to the beach to explore other islands. I realize that there is an oddity when I look in the sand under my feet and I am dipping my hand into the sand. I see transparent spheres in grain of sand sizes. I have never seen so little and smooth sand. I realize suddenly; I have never seen animals around and did not hear them; neither sound of a bird, nor a buzz of insects. Nothing. Just the sound of the wind and the sea. I know that there are some isolated unknown islands in Brazil; even I went to some of them. But I never heard of such a place. When I look to the other islands, I see that they are not so big. Each of them has may be one mile of radius. Walking around the island may take longer, but passing through to the other side should not take too much. But what I have learned so far tells me to walk from the beach and not to enter an unknown forest stupidly. I listen to it and am starting to walk on the beach. And maybe I can find something to use for help on the other side of the island. As long as I walk, my body is coming back to itself, but my mind cannot understand what is happening. After walking more than one hour I come back to the point again where the caravan stays. Lying over the sand and trying to perceive what I see. This cannot be real. I was surrounded by thousands of islands. I am in the middle of a herd of islands. I am trying to unload my mind by keeping my eyes close for five more minutes. Then I slowly raise my head, open my eyes and look at the sea again. I feel like there is going to be nothing this time. I am biting my finger as hard as I could. No, I can feel the pain, and the bite is still on my finger. But I know that my mind produces them all. So now, my real body may be at somewhere else in an experiment. I cannot find any other explanation. Well, what they want from me? What are they experimenting? At that moment I hear a slight noise from silence of wind and sea. I'm trying to figure out where the noise comes from. Someone is yelling at me from the opposite beach. I rise excitedly. I am starting to yell while running into the sea. Her sound is very low. I think she shouts: “hey, do you hear me, help me” I do not think here has something that will require me to stay on this island. If I go, I can also come back. And may be if there is no caravan, we can come back here. Among these thoughts, I continue running in the sea. When the water comes to my chest, I dive and prepare my first strokes under the water. At the moment I open my eyes while leaving the water, I am coming eye to eye with the girl screaming at me 10 meters away. I stop and step on as if I hit to a wall. I see how her voice at the middle of shouting turns to fear and horror from excitement and joy. “What's going on here?!!!” The girl against me cannot carry the weight of her body anymore and fells to the sands. I am immediately running towards her. I correct her head properly and lay her over the sand. I am calling her while cleaning the sands on her face. She is slowly opening her eyes and looking into my eyes surprisingly. “What happened there?” “I wish I knew.” I wish I could explain what happened. According to the laws of physics that is impossible in our universe. Only possible according to quantum physics that we have to be smaller than the atomic level for the implementation of the law for us. So all the way, where we are now is not our world. She had opened her eyes just like me a few hours ago and was searching for help for hours. She does not remember or know anything. But, she remembers that she was at her home in Brighton. We both have never questioned that how one of us from Brazil and the other one from England have got here? Because, after all happened at sea, this was not interesting. She has the same caravan in her island. It is still afternoon and the sun is at the top. We prefer to explore the forest instead of staying there and asking unnecessary questions. While walking among the trees we are looking for food and telling each other what we remember. She is a college student who studies arts at Sussex. A British who cook, then fall asleep while reading a book and then open her eyes here. 24 years old her family runs a traditional farm in Edinburg. She has no brothers or sisters. Financial condition is good enough to deal with art. She cuts her hair. She loves to do freaky things, but art calms her down. Lucy. I studied political science, worked for 7 years, after losing my family left everything behind and came to Brazil. Questioning everything, being happy from everything and living my life, a 30 years old Turk. There is no fruit on the trees. Herbs and leaves does not look like can be eaten at all. We cannot find any water source. We start to get hungry. Lucy showes me a space beteeen the trees and we start running forward. A circle space between the trees and in the middle of the space a huge tree stump and a wicker picnic basket on it. We are running to the basket and opening the cover. Sandwiches, fruits, water and juices are in it. With confusion and happiness I am trying to lift and take it, but the basket is not moving. I am trying a few more times but impossible, as if glued to the tree stump. I am taking two sandwiches and two bottles of water and closing the cover. Lucy does not want sandwich. She just wants to eat fruits. I am opening the basket cover again. “I solved our food problem!” I am showing her the basket. All the water and sandwiches we took are staying there again. Ok, we have food and water, but what is going on here? Which kind of an experiment we are in? What do they want us to do? We both are confused. We are taking food and drink as much as we can eat and going back to the caravan. It begins to get dark. Of course if the sun sinking is really our sun that we know. When we arrived at the caravan, because of fatigue we give our backs to the caravan and eat our foods. No cracks during the meal. We are trying to figure out and make sense of what is happening. After dinner, we start cleaning the caravan. If we are going to stay here for a while, at least it should be a place to live. In addition, we do not have a better alternative at the moment to do than cleaning the caravan. When fatigue begins to close our eyes, I tell Lucy to go inside to bed; i can sleep outside because the weather is good. We both need a rest. “No, stay here with me! I want to make sure that when I get up in the morning you are still with me.” In fact, I do not want to stay alone, too. I lay on the bed next to her. We both are lying and watching the ceiling. We are talking about what happened. Our elbows are touching each other. We continue to talk by turning to each other. Our noses are just a few inches away from each other. I can smell her breath while talking. Silence. Slowly she puts her face into my neck, inhales my smell deeply and begins crying. She is sobbing in my arms. I know this emotional mood. I am hugging her gently and telling her that we will get over this together. She is raising her head slowly and touching her lips to mines shyly. I get the taste of her tears. Gently wiping her eyes and kissing. I can feel her body as the other half of mine. Our skins are touching each other and getting fire. We are dancing in the fire and exploring each other. Our souls are united. With peace and confidence we are closing our eyes and falling asleep in a single body. I open my eyes and realize that I have not slept so peaceful for a very long time. I know this smell. I can feel her weight on my shouldes and leg. Slowly raises her head and kiss my chin. We are getting up and first thing going out. Everything is same as it was yesterday. Today we need to make a decision. We will wait here to spend some time and try to understand it; or we will go to other islands. .................... Island (Part 2): Island (Part 3):

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