Kpop of 2014 Challenge: Girl Group Edition

I noticed that a lot of my top 2014 choices were boy groups, and I wanted to represent the ladies! Here are my 5 favorite girl group tracks of 2014 :) 1. LABOUM - Pit a Pat This is so bubblegum sweet but really funny at the same time. Just watching the MV makes me want to be best friends with them all! That chorus is forever stuck in my head! 2. Strawberry Milk - OK I love love love the crazy girls of Crayon Pop and the twins are two of my favorite members! When I heard that they were making a subunit I was over the moon! This song is sooooo catchy and actually a really great workout song lol 3. Sistar - I Swear Just when I thought they couldn't get any better than Touch My Body, Sistar came out with this awesome end-of-the-summer track. I really love these girls and think they are so hilarious and down to earth. Bora literally cracks me up in this video! 4. AOA - Short Hair This is another super colorful and fun video from the ladies of Kpop. While 'Like a Cat' seems to be their hit for 2014, I much prefer this track. 5. Red Velvet - Happiness I know that there were plenty of SM fans who were unhappy about the timing of their debut but you can't deny that this song raises even the darkest of spirits. I seriously smile every time this song comes on and I'm OBSESSED with their hair! And that's it for my Kpop of 2014! Thanks@Cryomorph for starting this and for everyone participating! Here's my full list: Kpop of 2014 Challenge: Girl Group Edition - Kpop of 2014 Challenge: Spooky Edition - Kpop of 2014 Challenge: Choreo Edition -

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