Korean Dramas Osts (MY LIST)

1)Stand By Me (Shinee) Boys Over Flowers First ever korean song I ever heard and I actually started loving Korean Music afterwards. While I was watching BOF I loved this song playing over and over again in the beginning, while in other shows I skip it. I couldn't skip this song never and still love it always cheer me up boost up my enthusiasm all the times. 2) Dream High This song and this show is just the BESTTT 3) Rooftop Prince (After a long Time) I fell in love with the sad Melody of this song. 4) Because I miss you (Yonghwa) It was the First Time I ever heard his voice and I couldn't stop myself from replaying every time I hear it, it just beautiful and painful. Whenever you miss someone this is a song to hear, it was like the voice was coming out from his Heart I really miss you. Beautiful Ost. 5) Lee Jonghyun (My Love) I love this song and Lee jonghyun and his voice , I will accept it was this song and this show and him that introduced me 2 Cnblue. Love his voice and I really wish he would come back to acting once again please. 6) Faith ost (Carry on) I love this ost a lot one of the best I love Ailee voice 7)To the Beautiful you (In your Eyes) onew One great show with all its great osts to me this one was my favorite, always stays in my head. 8)My Destiny (My love from a star) I couldn't stop my self from singing this song over and over again , lol made my mom pissed :D so had to share this one with you all. 9) City Hunter (Suddenly) I love this one just the best. 10) Gu family Book (My love is hurt) Such a sad ost encourage me to watch this awesome drama which I love so much , I recommend you all to see this one. Enjoy and Happy new year all :)@Jiggzy19@MattK95 @aabxo @christy@cassandratomas7

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