Clever Storage Ideas for Closet

Closet have can have two personalities: coordinated or chaotic. No one wants to walk in a chaotic closet every morning. A well-structured closet makes life easier and definitely make the dressing space feel more enviable. If you are struggling with finding good organizing system for your clothes and accessories, here are some of my favorite closet storage ideas. Bathroom Towel Rods Norwegian blogger Nina shared a genius hack to organize her pumps with an wall-mounted shoe rack in her closet. Consider adding this if you have lots of wall space. Corner Hanging Rod Make use of an awkward corner by installing a corner hanging rod to hang small your go to items. Wall-mount Spec Holder Never loose your glasses again with this simple yet innovative spec(tacular) wall-mount. Hidden Shelving Have too many shoes? Hide the ones that you are not wearing this season with a built-in shoe rack on the back of your closet door. Instax Shoe Finder If you're still storing your shoes in their boxes this method will make finding your shoe easier. You never have to search through the stacks again. Hope you learned something from this card. If you have any other tips for closet storage, please share it!

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