Packing a Carry-On Like a Pro

I am constantly moving from coast to coast for work but never for long enough to merit a checked bag. That being said, I've become pretty talented when it comes to packing a carry on bag. For a 3-4 day trip, here's whats to look out for: Water Bottle :: Not only is flying dehydrating, but in my opinion, airport water fountains tend to taste pretty bad. Skip the 'yuck!' moments and pack your own! Toiletry Bag :: I have a little bag of toiletry things that I carry along with me. This guy actually stays in my purse, so it’s an easy transition into my carry-on bag when I’m flying. Tiny lotion, mascara, lip balm, and a bit of foundation! Kindle/Tablet :: I used to pack a few magazines and at least one heavy book, not any more. All this and more fits in my teeny tiny Galaxy Tab Pro~ Gum :: I never chew gum, but it’s a must for me when I’m flying. I’ve had a lot of ear problems in the past, and chewing gum helps during take off and landing. Tea :: I’m not a big fan of paying $5 for a cup of hot water and a tea bag, so I bring my own tea. Most airport restaurants will give you a cup of hot water for free and you can always get one during beverage service on the plane. Cash :: I like to bring along a little bit of cash and change just in case I need to tip a driver or buy something at the airport stores. I was once stuck in an airport with no cash and an expired debit card for 5 hours and it was not a fun experience. Snacks :: I’m gonna go ahead and guess you aren’t surprised that the vast majority of my bag space is reserved for food. Just be sure if you packed fruits that you get rid of them before going through customs if you're heading out internationally :)

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