See A Sunrise From the Stratosphere

If you are a space or aviation lover and you haven't heart of World View yet, I'd be shocked! Wrld View is planning on taking travelers into the upper atmosphere via specially designed balloons. Flights might be available this year, but more likely, we won't see this kind of aviation until 2016. What might you see aboard the capsule? Something as beautiful as this sunrise. The video was shot on a commercial payload test flight. For those of your more curious about the balloon and capsule (that's what the bit you sit inside is being called), you can see the third image, which shows the approximate altitudes and flight times of a journey with World View. What will it cost you? A lot, that's what. To go on this 4-6 hr, 20 mile above Earth ride, you'll need to spend: -Early Bird Price: $75,000 USD per ticket -Reservation fee: $5,000 USD non-refundable handling fee (included in the $75,000 ticket price) -Flight Date: Flight priority is based on receipt of deposit. You will receive your ticket position immediately following your reservation. If you want to learn more about this journey (or check out an animated look into the flight, go to the full website here:

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