Eun Gi and Ma ru Spoilers for Episode 13

Scene #1. Kitchen Whole place's in disarray, Eun-Gi (in a cute apron that says "Sweet Home") is cooking up a storm and what looks like breakfast. She's humming to herself and following the recipe on her tablet. Dices some mushroom and drops the mushroom and a slice of bacon into the pot. She starts to stir the pot, clearly looking very happy, when she has another flashback to the night of the tunnel crash (of herself in the car, she hasn't remembered the details yet, such as Maru in the opposite lane). She recalls the words of Dr Suk from her visit in episode 12, "Stop running away. Keep your eyes open and bring those memories back." She takes a deep breath and tries to remember that night, and recalls up to the part when she switches lanes and starts accelerating. But it's too much for Eun-Gi just yet and she starts to breathe very rapidly. That's when we hear Maru's voice: "You're going to burn that soup." Comes up behind her, and with his arms around her, helps her stir the soup. MR: You know how to cook something like this? EG: Yeah... MR: All grown up now... Where's Choco? EG: She went to get some water. With Jae-Gil. EG: Maru-shi... I'm scared. MR: What? EG: (I'm scared that) when you grow tired of me... when you grow weary of me and I become a burden... you'll run away from me MR: (smiles) That's not going to happen. EG: (her voice nearly a whisper) Feelings change.. MR: (pulls her around) I know how I feel. I'll never grow tired nor weary of you, I'll never find you a burden, and I'll never... [pause] I'll never run away from you. Scene ends on their sharing a smile. Scene #2. Ahn Min-Young's office Min-Young with Secretary Jo. He thinks there's something fishy with Eun-Gi's medical records at the 1st hospital she was sent right after the accident. He wants a Dr Kim to take a look at EG's MRI and CAT scan and ascertain they're really hers. Suspects that they might have been doctored. Says if she really is in the condition he thinks she is, he'd have done (ie. lie about) it himself. Scene #3. Eun-Gi's room She's looking at the pictures of people at Taesan on the wall. Mutters to herself "Han Jae-Hee... Ahn Min-Young... Han Jae-Hee... Ahn Min-Young..." Scene #4. Outside, night EG's missing, and Maru and Choco are looking for her frantically. She questions the neighbors, he mistakes someone else for EG... Camera pans on MR looking increasingly more worried, and scene ends on MR resuming his search. Scene #5. Min-Young's office Joon-Ha barges in, clearly upset. Sounds like Min-Young framed MR for something, and it succeeded because Ahn says "Game's over, he's already said he's going to leave the company." Joon-Ha retorts it's not over, not when he has another card in his sleeve: "Do you want to go that far?" (Clearly referring to Chairman Seo's murder) MY: Isn't this what you wanted? To force Kang Maru to leave Seo Eun-Gi? Isn't it all better for you? You're not a good guy, you're either a fool or a hypocrite. Get a grip, Park Joon-Ha. Kang Maru's not someone you must help, he's someone you must strike down. If you really want to have Seo Eun-Gi. JH: Must I have her? MY: What? JH: If I love her, must I have her? (does loving someone mean possessing that person?)

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