Romantic Uneven Braid

This braid tutorial is a keeper for ladies that want to ditch the boring 3 strand braid look and opt for an impressive and complicated that's easy to create. Scroll through the image to see step by step instructions or refer to the list to craft this gorgeous hair. Prepare you hair with air-dried hair. 1. Grab about an inch wide section from around your hairline. Roll it away from your face and pin it right above your ear. 2. Gather hair to one side and separate into three sections. 3. Braid as far as you can and make it tight. 4. Hold the end of one of the braid's three section in one hand. Hold the remaining two pieces in your other hand. Keep the single strand pulled taut, while you slide the rest of the braid up to the top. 5. Once you’ve bunched the braid at the top, slide the same section back down to meet your other hand at the bottom. 6. Tie off your braid, leaving a couple of inches loose at the end. 7. Using a boar-bristle brush, lightly brush up your braid in short sections. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the top. 8. Gently stretch a few loops throughout your braid, alternating the side of the braid you pull from as you go. Make your loops as uneven as you please. You're done!

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