Data Science for Social Good

One of my friends recently did a fellowship with Data Science for Social Good this past summer. It is a summer program at the University of Chicago for data scientists where they work with non-profit and government agencies to bring social change. The program lasts three months, and you are able to solve real-world problems, which makes it exciting because you are creating something that can change the lives of people and at the same time, you are applying data science to real life. This is something that might interest people who are studying Data Science, Statistics, or Computer Science. My friend was studying geography, so a variety of people with different backgrounds can apply. It is recommended you are a senior in college, grad student, or recent graduate. If you are in industry, you can mentor and still be involved. For detailed information, I suggest checking out the FAQs at Shout-out to@csgeek, this might be a good opportunity to check out.

I love learning about technology and how it's changing the world.
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