Bleach, Chapter 489

Looks like we'll be going back in time again folks. Not 100 years, but 1000 years before the current story arc. lol, but that will probably start in the next chapter. Kira and the other Vice-Captains have figured out that the event of the townspeople disappearing is different from the other Quincy activities. It turns out that Kurosutchi eliminated the townspeople in order to restore the balance to the Soul Society. Moving on, apparently, Ichigo is some sort of trump card for the Soul Society, but since he is Hueco Mundo, the bad guy has decided that it's the perfect time to attack the Soul Society. Kurosutchi blames everything that is happening now on the Commander b/c he didn't kill the leader of the Quincy 1000 years ago. Thus enters the sub-arc of 1000 years ago. Jeez, just when you think something is about to end . . . You can read the scanlation of it here:

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