Beyond the Forest by Loli Kantor

Loli Kantor's latest book entitled Beyond the Forest documents this photographer's tragic family history and juxtaposes it with what comes afterward. To understand where Loli is coming from and what this book is all about we need a little more back story. Loli is the daughter of polish Holocaust survivors. She originally started the project with this a vision of grief from the past, but as documentaries often due the project shifted focus. The signs of rebirth of Jewish culture in Eastern Europe began showing in her work. We can see this shift from focus on past to focus on present not only from the change from black and white to color, but in the way the subject's emotions permeates the photographs. Here is a small except from Loli's artist statement: "Beyond the Forest is a selection of 100 photographs in black and white and in color, using a mix of portraiture and landscape to illustrate the context of Jewish life in Eastern Europe today. The title of the series, Beyond the Forest, celebrates the presence of Jews in Eastern Europe, beyond the darkness of the forests where in the 20th century many thousands were mass murdered and where others found their refuge in hiding."

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