The Proper Way to Iron Fabrics

As a wife and a mother of three I clean and iron everyone's clothes. I don't worry much about the girl's clothes because they tend to wear cotton tees and knits most of the time. However, the men in our family have a bunch of dress shirts that needs special care. In order not to destroy the clothes I keep these 6 tips in mind. 1. Ironing works easier on slight damp clothes. Always use the spray feature of your iron to mist and soften each area before passing the iron over. Ironing fabrics that are too dry can damage the shirt. 2. It's easier to iron more delicate fabrics first at a low temperature then work your way up to cotton and linen. 3. Make sure you select the correct setting for your fabric. It will help you preserve the garment. 4. You don't have to use distilled water to iron clothes. The modern iron can handle tap water better than older models could. 5. Don't neglect cleaning the soleplate occasionally! Try using faultless iron cleaner to get rid of reside on the exterior. 6. Never store iron with water in it. You don't want to damage the internal parts and discolor the soleplate.

Sally from San Diego. A homemaker and part-time nanny. Loves cooking and enjoy projects in the home.
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