How Compassion Can Help In Couple Arguments

I'm curious to know what you all think about the seven tips in this infographic for staying connected to your partner during an argument. I think it's an incredibly important skill to develop in a relationship. The infographic is from For me, I think the breathing and taking time to ponder quietly is crucial. My partner and I both really dislike any yelling, so when our frustration is building up to those proportions we tend to walk away and take some time to breathe and calm down. Sometimes we do other stuff for a while - and often my perspective will shift a bit during that time. The we reconvene. Their uses of "Compassion" are interesting. The applications of that word are different from what I'm used it - such as compassion for yourself. I'm not sure I quite feel like they've sufficiently defined how they're using "compassion" in this context. What do you think? Got any tips of your own?

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