Crazy Feels Playlist!!! part 1

Choosing just ten songs that set my feels off was to difficult so I'm gonna have to do more than one card for this :) My list is in no particular order and will include a few non Kpop asian songs :) 1. Stubborn - Yun Duo If you have never heard this I recommend you listen immediately this song is fantastic, and so beautiful, I love this girls voice!!! 2. Marshmallow - IU Changing it up a bit after the last song, but I didn't want to depress anyone with only sad songs, this song always puts an enormous cheesy grin on my face, that I find it very hard to wipe off XD plus I adore IU ^^ 3. Alone - Sistar This song was my first Kpop MV, I love it so much! The dancing the singing Aghhh it's so awesome ^^ 4. I Am The Best - 2NE1 My first ever 2NE1 song, and I fell immediately in love with them, I'm so hoping for a 2015 comeback! 5. Hurt - Kim Bo Kyung I heard this from iTunes Radio and couldn't get over how much I loved it, I bought it as soon as possible, and now it's one of my most listened to songs! 6. Mine - Kim Jaejoong This song is awesome, I know a lot of people find this MV a little weird but I think it's really clever, and well done, (though that one outfit is a little strange XD) 7. Just the Two of Us - Davichi So I'm not gonna lie I did get very teary during this, this song and video are just so emotional, as are most of Davichi's Songs :) 8. Magnet - Evol It seems like these girls fly under the radar, I mean I never really hear anything about them, but I love their music and I really need to take the time to learn more about them :) 9. Sugar Free - T-ara This was one of my favourite songs last year, I literally could not get over how much I loved this when it came out :) 10. Love Options - BESTie I've made it pretty clear that BESTie is one of my favourite girl groups, this is why ^^ So that's part 1 of my crazy feels list, I have to admit putting this list together gave me feels XD Full credit to the owners of these videos :) Sorry if the videos don't play, you can still click the watch on YouTube button that shows up if they don't play, if that doesn't work for you then you might have to look them up on YouTube, but I promise they are all worth it :) @jiggzy19

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