Tinder: Why is it so popular?

As a college student, it doesn't take too long for Tinder to come up in a conversation. Many people around me use it and many have told me to check it out. I was always hesitant, for reasons that most of you can guess. After having a discussion with a close friend, I realized that a lot of what he enjoyed about Tinder was the experience...and since it is a mobile app, I realized that Tinder has mastered human-computer interaction on another level...and that is why it is doing so well. I decided to look at their approach in order to understand its success. Here are 4 reasons why I think Tinder is so popular. 1. Sign up is pain-free Setting up your Tinder takes seconds. All you need to do is login with your Facebook account and Tinder pulls your information and auto-creates a profile for you that you can edit. Before you know it, you can start swiping left and right. The only reason signing up would frustrate a user is if they do not have Facebook. The less frustration a user encounters during sign-up process, the more likely they will follow through and become a loyal user. 2. Clean User Interface I've got to hand it to the designers and developers at Tinder, the design is sleek and easy to understand. Swipe right if you do like them or swipe left if you don't. If you want to learn more about the person before swiping, you can click on their profile and see if there are more pictures or if there is a short bio. The interface is simple, but gives the user control over their settings, preferences, and matches. 3. Instant gratification If you swipe right and the other person swipes right, then you get a pop up saying "It's a match!". Unlike other apps or sites, the matching begins very quickly. This screen makes you feel like you are winning a game or some prize. This adds to the whole user experience. 4. Privacy (?) Your identity on Tinder is simply a couple pictures, your first name, age, and anything you put in your bio. The only way the other person can contact you is if you are a match, and you can always unmatch someone. The information you provide during the chat process is your responsibility. I still feel it is not private because of the connection with Facebook. Tinder pulls your friends, information, and likes in order to create your profile and create better matches. Nothing is posted on Facebook, but you might run into a friend if they live near you. I'd love to hear everyone else's thoughts. Do you or someone you know use Tinder? How do you think apps like Tinder are changing the way humans are interacting with each other...and technology?

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